Which Israeli neighborhoods have been hit hardest by Israel’s electric fence?

The Israeli military recently announced the installation of a second electric fence along the West Bank, where Palestinians say the fence has become a barrier to life and commerce.

A new section of the fence, which will be built on land owned by the Israeli National Parks Authority, will also cut off Palestinian agricultural land from the rest of the country.

It will also block access to the Gaza Strip, the West bank, the Negev, and other Israeli areas.

The fence was built in 2006, but the Israeli government has only recently started building new sections of it.

The government announced last week that it will be building 1,300 kilometers of the wall, which would stretch for 565 kilometers.

Palestinian residents and their supporters in the Westbank have been protesting the fence and demanding the government immediately stop building it.

Israel says the wall will be used only to prevent Palestinians from entering Israel.

Israel has been criticized for not keeping its word, with critics saying the fence will deter Palestinians from seeking the rights they have been granted.

The new section, which is set to begin construction in March, is likely to create a roadblock between the Israeli-occupied West Bank and the Gaza strip.

The Palestinian Authority said in November that the barrier was designed to deter Palestinians who are seeking to flee from the Israeli occupation.

Last year, the United Nations Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (CERIP) condemned the Israeli wall, saying it violates the rights of the Palestinians to freedom of movement, access to education and health care, and the right to return to their homes and property.

The Israeli government responded by saying it had been following international standards for the construction of security fences and had implemented a rigorous process to ensure the security of the Israeli territory.

“The construction of a new section will make it easier for the Israeli authorities to prevent people from entering the occupied West Bank,” a spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces told The Jerusalem Times in November.

“This will be a new obstacle, not a barrier, which we are working on.”

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