‘Forest Fire Map’ reveals huge wildfires raging across Canada’s west

ANAHEIM, Alberta – It’s an ominous map, a red dot on the horizon, a black-and-white map of forest fires in the Canadian Rockies.

The map shows where the fire is burning.

It shows the locations of where the fires are likely to start, how fast they will burn and how much damage they will cause.

“The Forest Fire Map,” as it’s known, was created by a team of scientists at the University of Alberta, a partnership of the Alberta government, the province and the University.

The scientists have been using this map to create a forest fire tracking system in an attempt to help people and help firefighters on the ground.

“This is a forest map that is a guide to where wildfires are going to start,” said David Poulin, the director of the University’s Centre for Climate Change Communication.

“So this map shows fire danger for the rest of the region, and we’ve been using it to help firefighting agencies and people across the province.”

And it’s really useful for firefighters as well as people in the community, because it gives them an idea of where fires are going and where they’re likely to occur.

“The map is based on a data set created by the Canadian Forest Fire Service.

It’s based on information collected from hundreds of fire stations across the country and shows the location of fires in Alberta, the Northwest Territories, the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.”

There’s a lot of data coming in that we can use to help us track where fires might be and where fires could become,” said Mike Mennie, the chief fire officer of the Forestry and Fire Protection Branch of the Canada Forest Service.

The data shows where fire activity is most likely to happen, when the fire will be active and where the flames are likely, which means firefighters can use it to plan their response and plan out their fight.

The maps have been downloaded thousands of times and are being used to track fires in remote and remote areas of Canada.”

We have a lot more data coming into our network, and I think that will allow us to use that data to create more fire management maps in areas where we don’t have data,” Menny said.

In a way, the maps provide a more accurate picture of fire conditions than the ones you would see in a newspaper or on the internet.”

What you’re seeing is a picture of what the forest is like right now, and what the risk is, but you can’t get to the forest, you can only see the risk from the roads,” Mowins said.”

It’s the same kind of data that’s in the internet, but it’s not the same information.

It doesn’t tell you the location, it doesn’t say what the temperature is.

You just see the map and the information that’s there.

“Mennie said that data is already being used for wildfires, but they’re also being used in other areas, including the northern Alberta community of Jasper, where the forest fire danger map shows the areas that are least likely to be hit by fire.”

We have a very high fire risk area and it is very important that we have a safe place to stay in.””

The Forest Park Fire is in a forest and it’s an area that we’ve had for about 10 years.

We have a very high fire risk area and it is very important that we have a safe place to stay in.”

But there’s more that can be done to improve the accuracy of the maps, said Mennies.

The Forest Map is an example of what’s been possible by the collaboration between the Alberta Ministry of Environment and the Alberta Department of Natural Resources.

“As a provincial agency, the Environment and Natural Resources are responsible for all the data collection,” Mewins said, “and they’ve made some pretty good efforts to make it available for the public to see.”

There are some important limitations to using the map, though.

The mapping system relies on a model of the weather that doesn’t reflect the weather at the time.

The map also has a very small area of forest where the trees can be visible.

“That’s not ideal because we don`t know where the ground is at that time,” said Mowin.

Mennies said the Alberta Forest Service also has to keep an eye on wildfires.

“When a fire is in an area where the climate is changing, the temperature, the humidity and precipitation is changing in that area, the fire can’t start,” Merens said.

A fire map could help the Environment Agency monitor wildfires that might be occurring across the region.

“One of the things that we’re working on is getting a better understanding of the impact that wildfires are having on the ecosystem,” Mearns said, adding that he hopes that by tracking wildfires more accurately, he can provide better protection to people and to the environment.

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