Walmart Forest Lake’s Glendale Lake is a Christmas tree paradise

Glendale, California – A year after it opened to the public, Walmart’s Forest Lake in the Walmarts main parking lot in Glendale has already turned into a Christmas tradition.

The outdoor green lawn in the woods that was a once-popular gathering spot has become a festive spot for locals to come together for the holidays.

Walmart has long provided a safe haven for its employees, including those working at its warehouses in the US and Europe.

But for some, the park has become something of a community event, as shoppers and shoppers-turned-friends gather there to watch the sun rise and fall.

Walmart ForestLake was created by Walmart as part of the company’s ongoing effort to expand its corporate parks and communities worldwide, according to a statement from the company.

“Our parks and community events continue to grow, and we are committed to providing a fun, safe, welcoming environment for our guests to enjoy,” it said.

According to the statement, Walmores commitment to sustainability has included the use of recycled materials, green energy and an integrated waste management system.

Its facilities, however, have also been affected by the changing nature of the retail industry, with the company struggling to meet its goals for green energy production.

In addition to its global operations, Walmart has an in-house park in Canada, where it runs its own greenbelt and a facility in a Florida resort.

Last year, the company opened its first store in India, with a goal of opening another in China.