Why are so many people falling into the “fallen forests” trap?

I have a friend who fell into this trap many years ago, a guy named John who fell in the wildwoods near his hometown of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.

John was a forest ranger and a hunter and I was a ranger.

We had a good rapport and John was an excellent hunter.

He hunted a lot of deer and some large game.

One day, he and his partner had a bad experience, and he fell into the woods.

He was dead by the time we got there.

John had fallen in the same area many times and never had a problem.

John and I were the only two people there, and it took some time to get John back into the forest.

A couple of weeks later, John was dead.

We called the medical examiner, who ruled John’s death as accidental.

He had been shot in the head and died in the hospital.

The coroner found John was in the woods on the morning of July 11, 1973, when he heard a loud boom and saw a man in a dark hooded sweatshirt fall from the trees.

The man was a bear, and when the ambulance arrived at the scene, he was dead on arrival.

John fell in that same area three times in the years since, and never experienced a problem, according to a medical examiner report, which was made public this week.

The medical examiner’s office didn’t release any information about what caused John’s fall.

I’m sure you all remember that time John fell into that same forest.

I know what he must have been thinking when he fell.

The reason why he was so scared was that he didn’t know who was there, or if he would ever see them again.

John’s name has been in the media recently because of the fall, which happened in January 1973.

It was one of the most famous falls in Canadian history.

The story has since become a cautionary tale about the dangers of going in the forest, particularly in places with big, old, hard-to-reach trees.

But a quick look at the map shows the forest falls are not limited to just Manitoba.

They’re also common throughout Canada, and are an important part of the ecosystem.

In the U.S., the Forest Service says it’s a good idea to go to the nearest forest preserve to get a better idea of how old the trees are.

In fact, it’s more important to be sure you know where you’re going than to find them.

And you need to be there when they are.

The Forest Service, the province of Manitoba and the Forest Products Association of Canada have all made recommendations about the safety of going into forests in recent years.

Some of the recommendations include: Be at least 30 feet from trees that are about 10 feet tall.

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