When you get a subaru Forester, it’s about more than the car itself: It’s about what it’s for

Foresters were a big hit for Subaru, with sales up 15% in the US last year and over half a million units sold in Japan.

The Forester has a small-sized sedan platform, but it’s also one of the few subaru cars that offers a fully functional and powerful manual gearbox.

Its not perfect, but if you’re looking for a hatchback or coupe with the right combination of interior space, comfort, safety and performance, the Forester is for you.

Read moreWhat’s new in this Forester?

The Foresters newest version, the 2018 Forester Sport, is the third generation of Subaru’s popular hatchback.

It’s the first to offer a manual transmission and has been designed with a larger trunk and interior space than the Foresters previous models.

It also includes a six-speed automatic transmission, which was introduced with the Forests previous models, and comes standard with the Subaru Performance Package.

This Forester also comes standard for all Foresters sold in North America.

It has a starting price of $23,795, which includes a standard 6.2L V6 and 3.7L V8 engines.

Its a great deal for a car with a compact body and sporty performance.

It’s also a lot more expensive than the previous Forester.

Its $27,995.

For comparison, a Toyota Corolla costs $24,995, while a Mercedes-Benz SLS GT-Class starts at $29,975.

For those that want the best price possible, you can get the 2018 Subaru Forester for $22,995 from Subaru of America.

The cheapest option is the 2017 Forester which starts at just $19,495.

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