Which new restaurant is going to be your favorite?

Updated July 12, 2018 12:18:56 A few days ago, we asked you which new restaurant you’d like to see open in your area in the next few years.

And here are the answers.

The Brooklyn Nets are building a new arena in Brooklyn.

(Photo: AP)The Brooklyn Yankees are moving into the Brooklyn Nets’ Brooklyn Park, a $300 million, $200 million sports complex.

(Getty Images)The Miami Heat are expanding their practice facility in the Miami Gardens area.

(AP)The New York Mets are opening a new stadium in Queens.

(New York Daily News)The San Antonio Spurs are expanding an existing practice facility.

(The Associated Press)The Houston Astros are moving from Houston to Austin.

(Houston Chronicle)The Los Angeles Clippers are moving to Los Angeles, which is a big step forward in its stadium plans.

(Reuters)The Cleveland Cavaliers are expanding a practice facility and adding a new practice facility to their existing practice facilities.

(ESPN)The Portland Trail Blazers are moving the team’s practice facility from Eugene, Oregon, to Portland.

(Portlandia)The Chicago Bulls are adding a practice venue to their Rosemont, Ill., practice facility.(Chicago Tribune)The Dallas Mavericks are moving all their practices from Dallas to Dallas.

(Mashable)The Milwaukee Bucks are building an arena in downtown Milwaukee, which will include a practice and locker room.

(USA Today)The Washington Wizards are moving practice facilities to the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

(WashPost)The Minnesota Timberwolves are moving their practice facilities from Minnesota to the team hotel in Minneapolis.

(NBAE)The Phoenix Suns are moving training facilities to Arizona, and opening up practice facilities at their Phoenix facility.

The Sacramento Kings are moving practices from Sacramento to the Las Vegas practice facility, which they’ve already built.

The Miami Dolphins are moving a practice stadium to the Los Angeles practice facility (although that’s not all that’s changed there, as the team still uses the practice facility that was built by former NBA Commissioner David Stern).

The Memphis Grizzlies are building their practice and training facilities at the University Center.

(Henderson/MTV)The Boston Celtics are moving out of the city, and building a practice site in Boston.

(Boston Herald)The Sacramento Pelicans are moving some practice facilities out of Sacramento, and relocating them to the city of Las Vegas.

The Cleveland Browns are building the Cleveland Clinic at the same time as building the NBA practice facility on their campus.

The New Orleans Pelicans are building some practice and practice facility at the team arena, which has the name “The Pelicans”.

(CBSSports)The Denver Nuggets are building practice facilities and practice courts in Denver.

(CBS)The Utah Jazz are building practices at their practice field in Salt Lake City.

The Minnesota Lynx are building basketball clinics in Minneapolis, which could be the site of the new NBA practice facilities if all goes according to plan.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are building several practice facilities, including practice and gymnasiums, as well as a practice court in Oklahoma City.

(Oklahoma City News Tribune)We’re excited to see how things evolve as the NBA expands.

The team will likely be able to keep its current practice facility for the next five years.

The new practice facilities will be able move from one location to another if needed.

This means there could be some change in the team as well.

The NBA has also stated that it will not relocate all of its practices and practices will continue to be open, but some may be closed temporarily.

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