How to get a Subaru Forester for the price of a $1,500 Ford Focus car

By By now, you’re probably wondering why a Subaru would be worth the $1.9 million that you paid for your Forester.

Well, you’d be right to think so.

For starters, the Subaru Foresters have the same chassis and all-wheel drive system that’s used in the Ford Focus ST.

So it’s no surprise that Subaru is taking a similar approach to the Ford Fiesta ST, which is also on sale for less than $1 million.

You can get the Forester in the colors of green and gold for less, and it’s got an aluminum and steel body with a four-speed automatic transmission.

Subaru has a new $1-million Forester, which you can read about here.

But for a bit of background on the Subaru brand, the company’s name comes from the Greek word for “forest,” which means a place where trees grow.

The company also means “forest road,” a nod to the company car’s ruggedness and ruggedness-plus it’s a name you can find on its own website.

The Forester is Subaru’s most affordable compact sedan, but the company is still selling it in a few trim levels.

We’re looking at the Premium and Touring trim levels, but you can get one of each for $1 and $1M.

That’s a bit more than the Foresters starting price of $23,995, and the Forezones starting price is $28,595.

Subaru also sells the Crosstrek, which offers a similar chassis and engine to the Foresters, but is priced slightly lower.