What you need to know about the new forest game in Oceana

A new forest ecosystem is emerging in Ocotillo National Forest, California, as conservationists try to protect the iconic and pristine forest.

A group of conservationists have begun working with the U.S. Forest Service and a local developer to develop a forest game that would protect the endangered alpine pine beetle, one of the few species of trees in the Ocotillos mountains.

The Ocotilla Pine beetle population has been in decline in the area for decades due to habitat loss and fires.

The forest game proposal will help restore habitat to protect and promote the beetle’s survival.

This year, conservationists will also start monitoring and protecting the alpine tree species.

The plan to develop the game involves developing a site-specific plan, a site map and a public outreach program to educate people about the importance of protecting the pine beetle and its habitat.

In addition, they will work to develop partnerships with other stakeholders in the community to implement and administer the game plan.

The proposal also calls for the development of an educational brochure for public outreach and a video to be made available for media outlets to use.

The project is expected to be complete by the end of the year.

The Forest Service’s proposed Forest Game Plan was released on May 22, and it includes an update on the beetle.

The latest update states the beetle is at an “excellent recovery” and is in a “high risk area.”

The update also says that the beetle population is in the “critical range” for recovery and that it will be important for the Forest Service to continue to monitor and manage the beetle to maintain the beetle and the other species of tree in the forests in Ootillo National Park and nearby areas.

The Forest Service has been working with Ocotillas community to develop and implement a game plan to protect Alpina Pine Beetle populations in Ocotalita National Forest.

Alpinas are native to the Ocota Mountains in California, and they are the only tree species in the world that are found only in one place in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

They are native in California and have been identified as the most endangered and critically endangered tree in North America.

While Alpines are native, the Forest’s proposed plan to use the game as part of its efforts to restore the alpines habitat is the first time it has used the term “game” to describe the plan, said Alpino County Commissioner Tom Hoey, a member of the Sierra Club’s Board of Directors.

Hoey and other members of the county’s forestry and wildlife management team met with the Oceanas National Forest Director in Sacramento, California.

The board also met with a senior forest scientist from the Forest Office in Yosemite, who has extensive experience in managing forest ecosystems and the Alpins pine beetle.

Hoeys office is planning a formal meeting with the Forest Game Office to begin work on the project.

Hoes office has been actively working with Alpinos community in recent years to implement forest management programs, including planting trees and improving habitat for Alpinias.

He said that this project could help Alpinis communities and businesses in the future.

“The Forest’s plan has already been put into action.

It is an opportunity for Alpacinos to learn more about what is happening and how to protect their trees and habitat,” Hoees office said in a statement.

“This could also be a catalyst for other Alpacino communities to develop similar game management plans for their own communities.”

The plan will be used to inform and guide the community in protecting Alpini populations and the forest.

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