Snowy mountain: a new home for deer

A new deer population in a park in northern Ontario has led to a flurry of activity.

The first sighting of a snowy mountain deer occurred on Sunday, and the herd was spotted in the snow on Monday, said park manager Michael O’Brien.

The deer had been moving into the area for the past several weeks and it’s now a part of the snow.

The herd of five has been observed for several weeks.

O’Brien said the deer are in the middle of the park and are being fed by snowmobilers and have been staying out of sight.

The park’s snowmobile team has been tracking the deer and using GPS technology to pinpoint them.

He said the snowmobiles and the snowpack in the park is what gives the deer their home.

“It’s a very small area,” he said.

The team’s goal is to provide a safe environment for the deer.

They’ve been doing some of their own maintenance work, as well.