Forest landscape: What you need to know

It is one of the most spectacular areas of the UK countryside, with a long history of human habitation.

The area was a breeding ground for the rare wild boar, which thrived there, until the 19th century.

But the natural beauty of the landscape is now threatened by an industrial project, and wildlife campaigners are calling for the land to be cleared.

The Nature Conservancy (NCC) says the proposed mining and quarrying project will threaten wildlife and habitats, including endangered species, including the rare forest landscape.

“The project will impact not only the native species of the area, but the entire forest landscape and its ecological values,” the NCC said.

“[It] is not just about the timber but also the land and its biodiversity, and we’re calling on the Government to stop this project.”

Forest landscape: The Great Gatsby source TalkSports title Forest landscapes: What to know about the Great Gatsey article The project is expected to see around 1.5 million cubic metres of timber extracted from the surrounding forest, which is believed to contain between 400,000 and 1.4 million wild boars.

It is expected the quarrying will be done under an opencast quarrying licence, allowing for a much smaller impact on wildlife.

But the Forestry Commission is concerned the quarry will affect endangered species such as the endangered Great Gaggeb, which are not native to the area.

Fears the project will negatively impact on the species have been growing, with the Forestry Commissioners calling for a review into the project.

They are calling on Forest Management Minister Jonathan Bell to reconsider the licence for the quarry project, saying it would be a “significant” development.

Mr Bell said in a statement the quarry licence had been approved by the Forestry Commissioner, which had also provided a report to him.

A spokesman for the Forestry Company said the quarry would have no impact on protected wildlife and habitat.

He added that a decision had been taken not to pursue any further legal action against the company and that the quarry had not yet been approved.

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