Why is this a good time to visit Kenya’s Great Bunch of Trees?

By Simon BucklandThe bushfire season has officially begun in Kenya’s national forest, with the bushfire bans in effect across the country.

But what about the trees?

We’ve put together a guide to what you need to know about these majestic forests, from the towering tall spruce to the spiny kangaroo.

Read more:Forestry minister to give the order to cut trees in Kenya forests, but not to destroy them, reports The Sunday Times article By Mark DaleyThe Kenya National Forest has become the latest to declare a “temporary moratorium” on cutting trees, as it battles the worst bushfire outbreak in the country’s history.

The moratorium will be lifted on December 1 and will apply across the entire national park.

The country is experiencing its second-worst bushfire disaster in its history, with more than 4,000 people killed and hundreds of thousands more forced from their homes.

Kumailulu National Park is the only national park where the “temperature of the forest” has been declared as safe, with authorities warning that it will be possible to see trees burning in the bush.

The Forest Minister is expected to announce the final decision to lift the moratorium on Wednesday.

“This moratorium is not a final decision on whether or not to ban cutting trees.

It is merely a temporary measure that will allow the forest to recover, and the forest minister will announce the decision as soon as he has received the advice of the Forest Health Agency,” a statement from the Kenya Forest Service said.”

The forest minister is expected in the coming days to announce his decision, and then the moratorium will immediately be lifted.”

There are already signs of the trees returning to their normal activity, with forest officials warning that the forest has been cleared to cut down a number of species.

“There is no way of predicting exactly how long the trees will remain in the forest.

But if we are fortunate enough to see a recovery of trees, then that will give us hope,” Kenyatta University lecturer John Chai said.

The Kigali National Park, also in the Kigalia National Forest, has been the worst affected of the nation’s national parks with at least 4,300 people killed.

The fire has killed at least 12,000, with about 500 still missing.

Kenya’s National Disaster Management Authority (NDMMA) said on Wednesday that they would not be able to provide any information on the number of deaths until after the moratorium is lifted.

Kenyatta State University lecturer Andrew Ojomani said that the country has been dealing with severe bushfire conditions for years, with many people fleeing the disaster.

“We are very fortunate that there are trees and many species of trees in the forests, so that we have a large diversity of trees to help us cope with the extreme conditions that we are facing,” he said.

A spokesman for the Forest Department said that cutting down trees was necessary to help the forest recover, but that there was no need to destroy trees.

“If the trees are not going to survive and are going to become invasive, they are not worth cutting down,” said the spokesman.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyaga said that there is no need for any action by the government in relation to trees in national parks.

“People will have to live with the consequences of forest destruction, and we have no intention of doing that,” he told reporters in a televised address.

“It is only a temporary moratorium that is going to be lifted by the end of the month.”

However, some conservationists believe that the ban will be ineffective.

“You cannot remove a tree from a forest, you cannot cut down trees and put them back in the ground,” said wildlife researcher Paul Chikomani.

“But cutting down a tree can have negative consequences if the trees become invasive and start breeding.”

“We can’t say we will never see trees, but they are going extinct, so it’s not going anywhere.”‘

We need to take care of nature’Kenyans are concerned about the damage caused by the bushfires, with conservationists fearing that this could lead to the spread of invasive species.

“The trees are the source of life for the ecosystem, so we need to protect them,” Keno Kibale, a Kenyan journalist and wildlife campaigner told the BBC.

“They are very important to the biodiversity and they need to be protected, we need them to be conserved.”

A lot of people have taken this decision without having a proper discussion with the people, so they are being misled by people who are not knowing about nature and the role of nature in conservation,” she said.

Image caption The forests are still recovering from the bush fires, and will soon be able see more trees burning under the trees article By Chris Hodge

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