Which foods are best for a healthy lifestyle?

It’s a question that crops up time and time again among vegetarians.

For example, a study published in 2016 by researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, looked at food choices for the average vegetarian diet and found that the majority of people who took part in the study ate more vegetables than meat.

But the researchers found that those who ate more fruit, vegetables, and grains were more likely to be healthy than those who consumed fewer, which may have contributed to the higher numbers of vegetarians in their study population.

The question of which foods are most conducive to a healthy diet has long been debated, with some suggesting that eating more of a particular plant or fruit may actually be harmful to health, while others say that the diet has no nutritional value at all.

So what foods are safe and effective for vegetarians?

Here are the top 5 vegan foods that can help you live a healthier lifestyle.1.

Red apples and peaches2.

Green beans and peas3.

Green peas, cauliflower, and spinach4.

Lentils, potatoes, and black beans5.

Lentil soup6.

Soy sauce7.

Oatmeal, rice, and brown rice8.

Coconut milk9.

White rice10.

Pumpkin seeds11.

Avocado, avocado oil, and pumpkin seeds12.

Pumpkin seed soup13.

Oat bran14.

Almond milk and soy yogurt15.

Coconut oil16.


Almonds and hemp seeds18.


Aloe vera extract20.

Coconut butter21.


Coconut water and lemon juice23.

Banana peels24.

Apple cider vinegar25.

Apple butter26.

Apple juice27.

Coconut cream and vanilla extract28.

Pine nuts and dried cranberries29.

Algae extracts30.

Avobenzone, an organic compound, and vitamin C31.

Coconut sugar32.

Peanut butter33.

Pumpkin puree34.

Apple seed oil35.

Algal oil36.

Soy milk and vinegar37.

Apple seeds and coconut oil38.

Peanuts and almond butter39.

Apple skins40.

Alkali honey41.

Olive oil42.

Algarve nuts43.

Sesame seeds44.

Borage oil45.

Alpaca oil46.


Safflower oil48.

Alaskan king crab49.

Allegano oil50.

Beetroot oil51.

Soya bean oil52.

Black walnut oil53.

Spinach oil54.

Kale oil55.

Coconut kernel oil56.

Oats and hemp seed oil57.

Cashew oil58.

Algin, mung bean, and hempseed oil59.

Nuts and safflower oil60.

Apple sauce61.

Dried cranberries62.

Alfalfa sprouts63.


Tapioca starch65.

Black beans and rice66.

Rice germ and beans67.

Coconut flour and barley germ68.

Alchohol and malt oil69.

Casamoyl-Lauric acid70.

Bitter orange juice71.

Apple flavor72.

Oolong tea and green tea73.

Green tea and brown tea74.

Orange juice and apple juice75.

Beet juice and chai tea76.

Alkenone, a chemical that helps regulate blood sugar, and orange juice77.

Dandelion oil and lemon water78.

Orange peel and orange peel juice79.

Apple liqueur80.

Banana butter81.

Alcohort orange juice82.

Balsamic vinegar83.

Salsa and vinegar84.

Beet oil85.

Apple cream and lemon cream86.

Orange cream and lime cream87.

Citrus juice and lemon curd88.

Sweet almond milk89.

Sake and water90.

Tarragon oil91.

Caramelized sugar92.

Gingerbread, brown sugar, sugar cane, and sugarbush93.

Ginger-lime juice94.

Black coffee95.

Dressing mix96.

Maple syrup97.

Cocoa powder98.

Cane sugar99.

Apple and peanut butter100.

Orange sherbet and honey

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