What you need to know about the forest whitakers

The forest whitaks are an endangered species in Alaska, which means the population is in decline.

They’re also known as the whitaker for their distinctive, white fur.

This year, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is working with the federal government to help with habitat restoration efforts, according to the Alaska Wilderness Alliance.

But the organization is asking people to stay away from the endangered species, as there are a few serious threats, such as invasive species and invasive predators, according the Alaska Conservation Alliance.

Here’s what you need do if you’re in the forest and think you might be a whitaker.1.

The Forest Whitaker Is Not a Dog-like Species2.

They can live for over 100 years3.

They have a distinctive white fur, which they can shed to make themselves more stealthy4.

They are also found in remote areas in the mountains, including Alaska’s Blackfoot Range and the Tsimshian range.5.

They hunt prey, including moose, elk, bears, and polar bears.6.

They like to live in dense forest, so they may be difficult to locate.7.

They live in areas where humans are prohibited, such at the edge of a road.8.

They prefer to live on a tree stump, but can live on other types of wood such as bark or grass.9.

They do not like to be disturbed, so it is recommended to avoid being close to them if possible.10.

They also are a little territorial.

They may attack a person if they see them, but it is usually harmless.11.

They only live in one place at a time, so you may have to take them somewhere else if they start moving.12.

They make a noise that is similar to the sound of birds chirping, so if you are nearby, make sure you don’t hear them.13.

Their fur may look like a dog’s, so don’t try to pet it.

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