African Forest Elephant, Uwharri National Forest: A National Treasure

The Uwhare national forest is located in central Victoria’s northern Kimberley region and contains more than 20,000 hectares of forests.

It is one of Australia’s largest national parks, boasting some of the country’s most spectacular natural landscapes, including the Kimberley Desert and the Kangaroo River.

But this is no ordinary national park, and is a unique place.

It is one that the conservation world can only dream about.

But there are some conservationists who are not sure it will be able to be preserved as it is today.

Uwharra’s National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Officer, Steve Hill, said the park was in danger of disappearing because of its lack of funds to manage the animals.

“The park is a very important part of Victoria’s economy and the environment, so it is really important that we protect it as best we can,” Mr Hill said.

“We are really working hard to get this park up and running and make sure that we have an animal management plan in place to manage it and manage it in a way that we are happy with.”

Mr Hill said it was important that the park had a strong animal management strategy, but also that it was well managed.

“It is not only the animals that are at risk but also the people that are not,” he said.

Mr Hill has also been tasked with managing the wildlife in the park and is working to ensure the animals are protected from poaching.

He said the area around the park would be the site of a new visitor attraction in 2018, called the Elephant Park.

“There are some areas that are currently inaccessible due to road closures, but those areas will be accessible in 2018 and 2019,” he explained.

“People will be encouraged to come and see the park, as it will not be accessible to the public in 2019.”

If you go to Uwhara, you will find that there is a big wall around the entrance.

“This is where you enter the park so that you can see the animals, and you can get a good feel for the nature and the wildlife.”

Dr Hill said the main aim was to ensure that the elephants would not be killed by poachers, but that there would be a focus on protecting them from harm.

“To protect these animals, you have to be proactive about what you are doing and what you don’t do, and if you don, it can have a devastating effect on the animals,” he added.

The park also has a small population of elephants in the southern Kimberley, including some living in the area where the park is located.

Mr Shire said the plan was to have the elephants in a sanctuary in the Southern Highlands in 2018.

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