Why You Should Be Watching the Olympics (and The Forest)

By Steve Jones | 10/17/18 03:01:42While you’re waiting to watch the Olympics in person, it’s worth taking the time to see the forest and surrounding mountains, which will be in full display during the event.

This is a place that has long been a refuge for many indigenous peoples and the Olympics are expected to bring in a new wave of visitors.

The forest itself will be covered in ice and snow, as well as some of the highest elevation in the world.

The snow will be hard and cold in places, and the air will be thick with the smells of pine and fir trees.

Some of the forests are considered to be sacred places, with the names of the tribes and people that have inhabited them.

You’ll also find a number of wildlife, including the majestic ibex and the elusive white-tailed deer.

The white-tail deer is an iconic symbol of the Olympics, and a great way to get a sense of the incredible beauty of the forest.

The Olympic torch will light up the forest, as will the ceremony itself.

There will be fireworks to start the ceremony and the athletes will be introduced to the people who live in the area.

You can watch the ceremony online on the Olympic website, or you can view the video on the BBC’s iPlayer.

There are a number events that you can expect to see at the Olympics.

There are also some cool outdoor activities that will take place, including running, biking, canoeing, hiking and skiing.

For more information about the Olympics or other great events, head over to National Geographic’s Olympic guide.