When the world’s first football game was played in forest city

The first game of football in the Forest City was played there in 1888.

The game was hosted by the local club, the Forest League, and was played on a Sunday afternoon.

It was not played for the first time, as the footballers were wearing white jerseys and had a limited number of players available.

The players took part in the match in a “closed-door” game with a referee at the game’s end.

This is the first recorded instance of a football match being played in a forest.

Forest City’s first game The Forest League held its first league match at the Forest Club, a wooden building on the outskirts of the city.

The Forest Club’s name derives from its wooden façade, a symbol of the forest.

The club’s first match took place on January 17, 1888, when they played the first match in the league.

The match was a draw with the nearby local club’s match the next day, but the Forest Association were determined to play.

The following day, the forest council met at the city’s cathedral and asked the local players to wear white jerseys to represent the forest’s forests.

A large wooden fence stood outside the church as the match was played.

The referee made the decision to start the match, but it was not until February that the Forest Football Association (the Forest League) was officially founded.

After two years of playing in the forests, the first league game was officially held at the St. Maria della Valle on March 21, 1888.

Forest Club and Forest League The Forest Football Associations first game was a one-off.

It did not last long and the team eventually folded.

The next match in 1888 was played at the former St. John’s Cathedral, which was constructed in the early 1900s and has since been converted into a restaurant.

The St. Mary of the Angels Cathedral, the former site of St. George’s Cathedral in the city, is one of the most historic places in Italy.

In the 1890s, the St Mary’s of the Rosary Church became the home of the Italian soccer club, Milan.

The team had two players, a goalkeeper and two midfielders, and one of their strikers was known as “the red monkey.”

In the game, they played in the first half of the game and were only able to score three goals.

They did not score any goals in the second half, but they did score a goal during a break in play.

A referee at this game called off the match because the referee had not noticed the team were playing in a wooded area.

The first ever Forest League match took on another name The first Forest League game was held on April 18, 1889.

A friend of the Forest league’s players asked the referee, Francesco Capaldo, to stop the match.

The Referee immediately stopped the game.

After several attempts to get the referee to play the match again, Capaldo was unable to play his game because he was wearing a white jersey.

The crowd of 1,500 people started chanting “We’ll play in the forest!”

The Forest Association requested that the match be played in some kind of forest, and a wood cutout was erected in the pitch.

The pitch was covered with grass and there was also a wooden fence around the pitch to protect the players from the elements.

The fans chanted “It’s a Forest League!

It’s a forest league!” after each goal scored.

The last match The last Forest League football match took part on April 26, 1889, and it was played for a 1-1 draw.

The two teams had to play on the same pitch, and the referee made his decision in a matter of seconds.

A wooden board was positioned in the middle of the pitch and a red ball was placed at the end of the wooden board.

A red ball appeared on the wooden ball and was bounced towards the end zone.

A goal was scored after the referee awarded a goal to the opposing team.

This match was the last of the first Forest Football League match in its first year.

The winner of the match would get the right to use the pitch for their home ground.

It is now a residential building.

The stadium is still standing.

The second and third games The second Forest League Football League matches took place in 1888 and 1889, but were not televised.

The third match took over a week to be played, which may have contributed to the delay in the broadcast of the games.

In 1896, the city council decided to build a stadium on the site of the former Catholic Church and Church of St Mary of Rosary.

This was a very popular idea for a stadium, as many Catholic churches had already been built.

The original idea was to play all of the matches on the stadium’s roof, but this idea was rejected.

The fourth and fifth matches were played at St. Giuseppe di Cervino, the site where the Cathedral once stood.

The fifth match was held in 1890, and as

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