How the Black Forest is being protected

In a world in which more and more people are traveling to remote parts of the country for jobs and the economy, the Black Hills National Forest has been the main focus for a lot of attention.

In 2016, the National Park Service announced that they were in the process of opening up the entire Black Hills.

But now, the Forest Service says that there is a “continuing threat” to the Black Mountains.

The National Park service says that the Black Bears are in danger of being extirpated because of habitat loss and erosion, and they’re also worried that they will be threatened by development in their backyards.

“The Black Hills are a prime area for wildlife and recreational opportunities, but there is concern that their ecosystem could be threatened in the coming decades as a result of habitat degradation, land acquisition, and development,” the National Parks Service says.

As part of their efforts to protect the Black Mountain National Forest, the US Forest Service has been working on a plan to protect this unique region.

“This project will include a multi-year, multi-agency effort to protect, manage, and restore the Black mountains, and their surrounding area, to support a sustainable, resilient, and healthy forest ecosystem,” the USFS website says.

The plan includes establishing an advisory group of experts to provide recommendations for managing and restoring habitat in the Black hills, including identifying ways to protect critical habitat and wildlife corridors, including protecting wildlife habitat.

The group will also develop a strategic plan to coordinate efforts and protect the health and safety of all wildlife and people in the area.

The Black Mountains National Forest is located in Montana, and has an area of 8,000 square miles.

It’s the largest of the three national parks in Montana.

It also has a unique relationship with the state, as the Black Lake is one of the largest rivers in the country.

The Black Lake, a tributary of the Columbia River, is home to the largest herd of wolves in the United States, which are considered a threatened species.

The state is considering the potential to create a national monument to protect these wild animals.

“While the proposed Black Hills Monument is not yet finalized, we do have some significant, substantive proposals for a national park in the region that would protect the habitat of these wolves and other predators and ensure their survival in this highly dynamic ecosystem,” Montana’s Department of Conservation and Recreation says.

“The BLM has a long history of working to conserve and protect Black Hills lands, resources, and habitats, and the BLM has been instrumental in protecting the Blackwoods in the years since its inception,” said Jimmie Tarnopolsky, executive director of the Black Bear Management Program, in a statement.

“Our goal is to continue to protect our land, resources and communities in the future and to create jobs and economic opportunity for Black Americans.

BLM supports and will continue to work with landowners, communities, and conservation organizations to protect and manage these important natural resources.”

The BLM said that it’s working on “a detailed proposal” for the Black Peaks National Monument, and will provide a final decision “in the coming months.”

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