How to buy a national forest: the best way to protect it

If you’ve ever wanted to live on the edge of the forest, you can now.

The Government has given $11 million to a Queensland university to buy and restore national forests.

Its aim is to make the area “one of the safest places on earth”.

National Parks Queensland and the Environment Agency will each receive $2 million.

They will help to establish a “one-stop” for buyers and sellers of state and federal forests.

Read more National Parks director David Stewart said it was “incredibly exciting”.

“It’s a significant step forward for Queensland and a major contribution to our future,” he said.

“The national parks system is a great place to be, a great example for the rest of the country.”

He said the National Parks and Wildlife Service would also help to make it easier for people to become involved.

“The next step will be to work with the agencies to ensure that our local communities can get involved in the restoration process,” he told the ABC.

National Park manager Scott Hall said he hoped it would make it “easier for the community to participate”.

“If you want to be a part of the restoration and you want the opportunity to help out, then you should come in,” he added.

But it was not clear how many people would become involved in a national park, or what they would be allowed to do with it.

The federal government will also help fund the construction of the state-of-the-art facility.

It will also establish a national wildlife park reserve.

Read moreThe National Parks Conservation Agency will receive $6.4 million.

The agency has also given $1.5 million to help create a new conservation fund for Queensland’s national parks.

It is currently administered by the state Department of Primary Industries and Forestry, which is responsible for protecting the state’s biodiversity and preserving the Great Barrier Reef.

Read the full story It is understood the agency was unable to provide details about how many sites it was planning to acquire or what the total value would be.

This will be done in consultation with other agencies and communities.

A spokesman for the Queensland Government said the new funding was intended to create “a single point of entry for all interested parties to enter the state park system”.

He said it would also allow people to have “access to the best conservation opportunities in Queensland”.

“We are also keen to promote regional parks and the potential of regional parks to help preserve the unique landscape in the state,” he continued.

Earlier this year the Queensland government approved the purchase of a $5.6 million national forest reserve for the state.

After a public consultation period, the decision was made to proceed with the purchase.

The $5 million was made available by the Federal Government for a $15 million National Parks Reserve Fund.

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