The Great Dixie National Forest Weather Report – August 26, 2018

Dixie, SC – The Great American Dixie was back to life.

The iconic blue skies over Dixie were restored with sunny days and cool nights.

Dixie’s weather was very dry in August.

The temperatures were in the 60s and the highs were around 85.

The coldest temperature was 79 degrees in Dixie and highs were only about 70 degrees in the area. 

The rain was minimal and was mostly in the south.

The cool nights were also very rare. 

This week’s Dixie weather was a combination of a dry spell and a cool evening, and this is likely the last of August. 

Temperatures were in moderate to high range in Dixys northernmost part of the state.

This is a rare weather pattern. 

There was no rain this week. 

In the south, temperatures were average to above 80 degrees. 

Dixie is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are the highest mountains in North Carolina. 

A very wet summer was expected for the region, and Dixie experienced an exceptionally wet summer with some of the highest rainfall totals. 

For Dixie in August, the precipitation totals were the highest since August 20, 2020. 

 The low-to-mid-70s was average. 

The high-to near 70s was unusual, and was the low-point of the season for Dixie. 

In the south the low was in the 70s to the low 80s. 

In the middle of August, Dixie had a very dry, sunny, and cool night.

The temperature was in some of our worst conditions in a decade. 

A cool evening followed the afternoon and evening temperatures, and a high-pressure system was forming over North Carolina, with winds moving from the northwest to the southeast.

The wind was low, but gusty, and moving west-northwest, with gusts reaching over 80 mph.

The winds were picking up in the afternoon, with a chance of gusty showers. 

Temperatures were cool, even with a wet summer. 

Dixie was also seeing the first rain in nearly 10 years. 

Rain was minimal. 

As of this writing, the high is at the upper-90s.

The low is at 70.

The lower-to mid-80s is in the 50s.

This low-pressure area over North America was also moving north, with the wind moving from North America east to South America. 

This was a very wet, sunny day in Dicksville. 

There were some thunderstorms, including a very strong EF3.5 storm with winds of 70 mph. 

Highs and lows were in a mix. 

Some people reported highs of 75, 80, and 90.

A couple of people reported lows of 60.

The temperature in Dickson was very low, with highs in the low 60s.

Dickson has seen many droughts, including some in recent memory.

The drought has not been as bad this year, but it is still a very unusual event.

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