Which country is going to be the first to sign up to a ‘cloud forest’ deal?

In the midst of a global debate about the future of cloud computing, one country has chosen to embrace it.

A report from Bloomberg News today indicates that Singapore is among the first nations to sign a cloud forest agreement with Amazon.com. 

Bloomberg reports that the country’s cloud-based infrastructure company, SingTel, is expected to announce the deal by the end of the year. 

Singapore is a big cloud computing user, with the city hosting one of the largest cloud computing operations in the world.

It’s also an economic powerhouse, and is one of only a handful of countries in the entire world that offers tax-free residency for employees who choose to reside there. 

The move comes as cloud computing continues to gain momentum in the U.S., where it has been touted as the future for the internet.

Last week, Amazon announced plans to create a cloud-to-cloud computing network to handle billions of transactions annually, a move that’s likely to have the same impact as the AWS cloud.