Subaru to bring ‘back to the farm’ with new ‘Pumpkin’ and ‘Trees’ cars in 2018

Subaru is bringing back to the track for 2018 the Subaru Forester Sport, the first generation of the Forester sports car, and will debut the new ‘Sierra’ model at the 2018 New York Auto Show.

The Subaru Foresters first generation, the Foresters Unlimited and the Subaru Tribeca Sport, were launched in Japan in 2013, followed by the US in 2014.

The next generation Forester and Forester Unlimited will launch in 2019.

Subaru will also introduce the new Subaru Rally, a four-door coupe with an all-wheel drive system and a rear-wheel-drive, manual transmission.

It will debut in 2019 with the Forests Premium trim, which will include a manual gearbox, and in 2020 with the Subaru Legacy and Legacy Premium trims.

The new Subaru Forests and Forests Unlimited models will feature a 6.4L turbocharged engine and a 940 horsepower (4.4-liter) engine.

The Foresters will have a 3.6L twin-turbocharged engine, while the Forestos Unlimited and Foresters Sport will feature 4.3L twin turbocharged engines.

Subarus first generation Foresters, released in 2013.

Subaru says it is bringing the Forestead back to its roots.

Source: SubaruUSA via Engadget/YouTube”The next-generation Forester is the most advanced production vehicle in the world, and its performance and durability are second to none,” said John Leggett, president of global automotive, marketing and brand partnerships for Subaru.

“The new Foresters and Forestead models will be the first in the industry to receive all-new technologies and features, including new suspension, suspension and drivetrain.

Subaru is excited to unveil this new vehicle and will be providing updates and news about it throughout the year.”

The new “Pumpkins” and “Trees” models will also be introduced in 2018, while new models in the Foresteers Premium and Foresteams Limited trim will debut.

The 2018 Foresters are expected to go on sale in early 2019, but there’s no word yet on pricing or release dates for the new models.

Subaru will offer both a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and turbocharged six-cylinders, as well as a four speed manual transmission, in the 2018 Forester lineup.

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