How to turn a forest cat into a virtual pet, using a Raspberry Pi and a GoPro video editor

Recode – The video below is part of a series from Recode covering the first steps to creating a virtual cat.

We’ll walk through the process of creating a pet with a Raspberry PI and a little GoPro video editing software.


Get the Pi.

To get started, we need to get the Pi running on the internet.

To do this, you’ll need to download and install the Python-based version of the Python programming language called PyPy.

It comes with a package manager and installation instructions for Debian, Ubuntu, and Mac OS X. To install it on your computer, open up your Terminal app and type the following commands: sudo apt-get install python-py3 pip sudo pip install pyPy2 2.

Install the Python package manager.

If you already have Python installed on your machine, the easiest way to install PyPy is with apt-cache search python.

In the Terminal, type the command: sudo pip uninstall pyPy3 pip uninstall PyPy2 3.

Install PyPy’s dependencies.

The easiest way for us to install Python is with a simple command in the Terminal: sudo easy_install python-pip pip install python3 4.

Install GoPro’s video editing package.

You can install GoPro’s Python-powered video editing suite directly from the GoPro website, or you can download the latest version of it from the Raspberry Pi’s website.

To download the official GoPro video player, head to the official website, and click on “Get GoPro”.

On the top right, click “Download Now”.


Add a camera.

GoPro has a free camera application that you can install on your Raspberry Pi.

The easiest way is to install GoPro on the Raspberry PI with the following command in Terminal: pip install GoPro 5.

Install a custom camera.

You can also install GoPro-compatible cameras, which come pre-configured with cameras and other software.

We can install a GoPro camera from the official site using the following Terminal command: apt-add-repository ppa:w3c/pip sudo apt add-repo sudo apt install GoProNowWebshots.GP2NowNowNow NowNowNowIt will add a camera to your Pi’s camera list.


Set up the video editing program.

This is the easiest step of the process, but it will take a little longer.

To make this easier, we’ll use a program called Giphy.

Gipy is a program for creating and editing GIFs.

You’ll need it installed on a computer, because it is used to make the gifs.

To get Gippy, head into the Pi’s Applications folder.

To open Giphys Applications, go to the Tools menu, then click “Tools.”

From there, click on the “Add New Tool” button at the top of the window.

In this window, you can add a new program.

You need to name it something different than GoPro.

Gipy’s program is called Gfycat.

You will need to click the “New Tool” at the bottom of the list of available tools.


Upload the video to YouTube.

Once you have Gipys video editor installed, you’re ready to start editing.

Go to the Gipsy website and click “Upload to YouTube” to upload your video to the site.

You should see the Giyex video window appear, and then a video upload window will appear.

Once the upload window appears, you need to choose the video file you want to use as the source for the gif.

Once you’ve selected the file, you will need the video’s timestamp.

If the video is a short one, you should use the “timestamp” as the timestamp instead.

If you are uploading a longer video, you may want to add a timestamp to the end of the file.

Once your video has been uploaded, you have to select the video and click the Play button to start playing it.

After you’ve finished playing the video, the video will stop and a message will appear that says, “Video uploaded successfully.”

If you’ve successfully uploaded your video, click the green thumbs up icon next to the video you uploaded.

You may also want to highlight “Done!” and “Done Uploaded” on your video.

You now have a short video uploaded to YouTube!


Watch the gif and share it with friends.

Giphy’s video player lets you see the video as it’s being created.

It will show you the time and the file’s timestamp, but you won’t see the gif itself.

To watch a gif that you created on your phone, head over to Giphiys YouTube app and click in the bottom right corner of the Ghibliys window.

You could also use the Google app or a similar app to watch a GIF on your Android phone.


Use the app

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