Why you should always read and learn by forest color—and why it matters in 2018

By now, it’s well known that the United States is currently in the midst of an incredible drought.

This is caused by the fact that the amount of precipitation that falls in the Northern Hemisphere each year is lower than it was in previous decades.

The amount of water that falls into the Pacific Ocean is higher than it has been in recent decades.

While it’s true that we can make do with a little less precipitation this year, the problem with using this information to predict future weather is that we’re already doing that.

With the current drought in mind, it makes sense that we’d want to understand why.

If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably thinking that this drought is just part of an ongoing natural cycle, like the snowmelt that keeps the country dry or the drought that followed the ice age.

While this might be true in a pinch, it doesn’t fully explain the overall effect of the drought.

There are other factors that are at play, and they’re more likely to influence the weather than the one we’re currently experiencing.

For example, we’re all familiar with the idea that climate change has contributed to higher sea levels.

In fact, some researchers believe that climate may actually be driving more extreme weather.

And while we’re at it, the ocean is also contributing to the drought in the first place.

As we noted earlier this year in our story about the U.S. government’s drought forecast, the oceans are warming at an unprecedented rate.

This means that the sea surface is warmer and more acidic, which means that more and more of the water in the oceans has already gone to the ocean.

This has been a significant factor in recent years, and it’s causing more and further flooding in parts of the country.

This process of warming has caused the waters of the oceans to become more acidic and thus more conducive to more extreme rainfall events.

This could be why it seems like more and, by some measures, more extreme storms are hitting our region right now.

In short, the amount and intensity of extreme weather has been on the rise in the past few years, which has led to a trend in how the weather is predicted.

So how can we predict when these types of events will happen in the future?

It’s easy to say that we should expect to see more extreme precipitation events.

But it’s even easier to say when we should be concerned.

There is an important distinction to make, however.

What we’re really concerned about is what we call the “weather extremes.”

For example: If we’re talking about flooding in a city, this could be because there’s more water to cover.

In an area with a lot of farmland, this can mean that you’ll see more flooding.

In a desert, this means that there’s less water to flood.

But in any given place, the weather extremes that you should be worried about are very different from those that are more common.

Weather extremes aren’t just an indicator of how bad a drought is happening in your area, however, they can also affect the way the weather in that place changes.

In this article, we’ll explore the difference between a more extreme event and a less extreme event.

When are we likely to see a weather extreme?

When the amount or severity of precipitation falls in a given area is higher This is usually when we’re most concerned about an extreme weather event, because the likelihood of it occurring depends on a number of factors.

The number of days that a storm is expected to be more intense The number and intensity with which the storm is likely to be stronger A storm’s intensity can change throughout the year, depending on its current location, the strength of its winds, and its speed.

So when you think of a storm that is likely more likely than another, it is usually because you’ve seen that storm a few times in the last few months.

For instance, during a recent heat wave in Southern California, the strongest winds and the strongest rains hit that area several days in a row.

This was a particularly bad one, with a record amount of rain and hail falling in the area.

This particular storm brought some heavy rain to the area, which resulted in flash flooding in the city.

This storm also contributed to flooding in some parts of southern California, as the rain and flash flooding caused some of the storm’s strongest winds to reach the city, resulting in flooding.

These kinds of weather extremes have also been recorded in the Northeast and in many other parts of North America.

For the most part, we see a very low probability of weather extreme events occurring in any particular year.

But as the years go by, there are more and better predictors of when these events might occur.

When the area of the world that receives precipitation is hotter The amount and severity of heat waves, droughts, and flooding can vary considerably from year to year.

This can be especially true when you’re in a warmer climate

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