Forest Whitaker films ‘Aquaman’ for Netflix

Forest Whitakers latest movie ‘Aqualung’ has just been released on Netflix and the actor has also shared the footage of the film with us.

We know there’s a ton of new information to be shared with you about the movie, but we thought we’d let you know how much we liked the new film, and also how much Forest Whitking loved his time in the movie.

Aqualunung’ is a film which was originally supposed to be released in 2018, but was delayed to 2021.

While the film was never officially released, the director and co-writer Forest Whitakas a very loyal fan of the show.

He’s always been a fan of it, and he has been following the Netflix project ever since.

In the film, Whitaker stars as Will Sasso, an agent and lawyer with a knack for finding people who need help.

He finds himself caught up in a very complex situation involving the local government, the FBI, and the mysterious entity known as ‘Aqua.’

Aqualuntung’ tells the story of Sasso as he travels to a remote area of the Amazon, where he’s tasked with tracking down ‘Aqumu’ (a local tribe), a local tribe leader, who is responsible for the deaths of several people.

Will Sasseon is one of the characters we first see in the film.

He is also one of our favourite characters of the entire series, which we know for a fact, is because of his relationship with his son.

Will is a very different character than Will Sarton, who we first met in season three, and we know that the show will continue to explore Will and his family through flashbacks.

Whilst it may seem like we may be getting a very slow burn in this story, this film was very much intended to be a slow burn for the characters.

We know from the trailer that the film will take a very comedic approach to the story, and is set in the 1970s.

The film is very much about the ’70s, and will take place during the 1970’s and early 1980’s.

The film is set on the island of Quilotoa, which is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Whitaker plays the role of the island’s mayor, and you’ll learn about the island and its people through flashbacks and an in-depth exploration of Quila.

We really liked the way the film’s set up, and there were lots of elements that were very interesting and different.

For instance, we found out that the island is actually a massive volcano, which has a history that spans generations.

Whitakers island has the volcano on the top, and then underneath it is the ocean, which seems to be very important to the characters, and in the final scene you’ll see the volcano erupt.

Whichever way you look at it, it was a fun and very different approach to tell this story from the get go.

The first trailer shows us the island was a very small, quiet island, and with the film set on Quilórea Island, there’s very little light.

As you’ll discover later, the island itself is a bit of a mystery, and it’s very mysterious.

Whitaker plays a local lawyer who comes across ‘AQumu’, a local leader who was responsible for a number of deaths, including a group of children who were allegedly kidnapped.

He also has a personal vendetta against the ‘Aqs’ for being responsible for some of the deaths, and wants to take ‘Aqa’ to court.

Whitakers character also has the chance to meet another character in the future, and that character is an old, powerful man named ‘Aun’ who has been fighting the FBI for decades.


The first trailer has Whitaker as a local lawman who’s searching for ‘Aaqumu,’ and as the trailer reveals, he has a very powerful weapon, and a very strong desire to get ‘Aqi’ to pay him back.


is a pretty big thing, and while we won’t know much about this weapon until we see the film itself, the trailer certainly reveals quite a bit about the character.

Whitaky’s character is a lot more interesting than Will, who will be introduced in the show in the very near future.

It’s quite clear that Whitaker will be playing a very important character in our film, as Will was always a very main character in ‘Aqt.


is set to be directed by Ryan Siegel, who previously directed the pilot for ‘The Flash.’


was a great addition to the CW series, and Siegel certainly has his work cut out for him with ‘Ayers’ character.

Whak!’s character will be interesting, and quite different from Will.

We won’t be getting the full details about the story until the film is released, but Whitaker

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