Which Walmart stores have been accused of harassing Hindu women?

A Hindu woman has filed a complaint against Walmart, accusing the retailer of harassing her and her family by making false claims about her sexual orientation.

Sonia Kulkarni, who is originally from Bihar, was travelling with her husband and son on a Walmart journey in September 2015 when they were stopped by security officers and questioned about their identity.

“They told us that if we were Hindus, we would be punished and asked us to wear burqas,” she said.

“I asked them why the word burqa was in the name of the store, but I could not understand the question.

They also told us to refrain from wearing the veil and not to enter the store,” she added.

After a week of questioning, a female security guard, who was present at the time, asked them to sign a paper that they were not Hindus.

Kulkarnis family was then questioned for an hour and then released without any explanation.

“After this, they told us, ‘We will call the police and file a complaint if we find you violating the rules.

We are afraid of you’,” she said, adding that her son and husband were also interrogated for hours.”

A week later, the security guard came back and asked me again why I was not wearing a burqa.

I explained that I was wearing a scarf, and he told me, ‘That is not what you want to wear.

You will not be able to get into the store’,” she added, adding she and her son were told that the burqa could be used for security purposes.

Walmart denied the charges, claiming it was an error in its booking system and that it was only a temporary ban on a religious group.

“It’s important to remember that this is a local issue and not a national issue,” Walmart spokesperson Sarah Koll told The Hindu.

“The decision was based on our booking system, which is designed to ensure our customers do not encounter any issue.”

Kulkernis husband has also spoken out against the retailer, accusing Walmart of violating his rights under the Indian Penal Code.

“We are a small family, so I am scared for our safety.

I am also worried about my safety as my wife is pregnant and will not have any child in the future,” he told The Times of India.”

He (Kulkarna) also feels that the whole thing is part of a larger conspiracy to make the community suffer.

The reason we have been denied entry into Walmart is because we are not Hindus,” he added.

In an email to The Hindu, Walmart said the issue was a matter for the local security agency, which did not respond to an inquiry.

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