Subaru Forester (Nissan 370Z) and Nissan GT-R (Nonda GT-A) – the first time ever that a Subaru has won a race

Subarus were originally introduced as a way to reduce the weight of vehicles, but now are also being used for more than just driving.

That’s why the Japanese carmaker has won three successive World Rally Championship titles in the past decade.

They’ve also dominated the sports car market, thanks to a low price and an easy-to-install platform.

Now, Subaru has announced a brand-new model, the Forester, which is designed to offer a new level of performance and reliability to the market.

But the company’s goal isn’t just to build a winning car; it wants to build the perfect sport utility vehicle.

That means making sure the Foresters are fast, comfortable, and reliable enough to make them the perfect first-time sports car.

In fact, Subaru says its Forester will be the first new car in more than a decade to be designed for road use, and it will be equipped with a variety of advanced technology including electric power steering, a suspension with coil springs, adaptive dampers, a dual-clutch transmission, and a sport suspension.

And Subaru is already planning a second Forester in the works, due to hit the market later this year.

The first Subaru car was unveiled in 2006.

The new Forester is Subaru’s first entry into the sports utility vehicle segment, and we have a look at its features.

As with all new vehicles, Subaru wants to offer something different.

In this case, it’s going for a sporty look, and there’s a lot of chrome, though it’s only the front bumper.

The new Foresters also come with a few changes from its previous models.

The Forester has an optional 3.0L twin-turbo V6 engine, and will be available with either a manual or automatic transmission.

The rear seats are now made from a new material called carbon fiber, which absorbs vibration, which reduces weight.

And the Forezas sport seats are designed to keep you from leaning back too much in a way that can be beneficial for a driver with a smaller back.

Subaru says the Forests package is already well-received by customers, and has earned an average rating of 5 out of 10 from customers.

The company expects that by the time it rolls out the new Forests in the US and Europe, the car will be more popular than the previous Forester model.

What makes the new model different from previous Foresters is the fact that Subaru has decided to add electric power steer and active suspension.

Active suspension can be found on the new Impreza, but the Forets will have its own version, which includes adaptive damping.

Subaru also plans to include a suite of active safety technologies, including blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, lane-keep assist, and automatic emergency braking.

The car will also come standard with a six-speed manual transmission, which could be a great option for someone who likes to drive on the highway, but not at night.

The manual transmission is the only one that’s available on the Forestas.

“Subaru’s Forester aims to offer an everyday-oriented, sporty performance sedan that can handle the challenges of today’s driving environment,” said Robert Gavitt, president of Subaru North America, in a statement.

“Our new Forezones look to provide an ideal vehicle for those who want to have fun, be active, and enjoy a great time driving the Subaru brand.”

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