Which NHL team should you watch this weekend?

Former NHL goaltender Dave Giguere is going to the NHL All-Star game in New York on Saturday night.

Here’s the list of teams who are expected to be making the trip.

New York RangersThe Rangers are the first team to officially make the trip to New York, and they will likely be the most interesting team to watch.

The Rangers are known for their hard work ethic, but they also have one of the most intriguing goaltending groups in the league.

They’ve managed to make it to the playoffs just twice in the past five years.

They are expected for the first time to go to the conference finals, and will be playing the defending champion New York Islanders on Saturday.

Pittsburgh PenguinsThe Penguins are the most exciting team to keep an eye on on Saturday as they try to make the Stanley Cup playoffs for the fifth straight season.

They’re expected to have the most wins in the Eastern Conference and to be the favorites for the Stanley Cups.

Boston BruinsThe Bruins have been looking to get back to the Stanley and make it back to their glory days, and the trip should be a chance for them to prove it.

They could also be the last team to make this trip to the Big Apple.

Buffalo SabresThe Sabres are one of those teams that have not been to the postseason in a decade and could make it as far as the conference final.

Buffalo will have a lot of playoff experience this year, and there is a good chance that they’ll make it out of the first round of the playoffs.

They have won the Stanley title once, but have never made the playoffs since 2010.

The Sabres also are expected of making it to at least the second round.

New Jersey DevilsThe Devils have a history of being in the playoffs but have not made it out in five years, so the trip could be a long one for them.

The Devils have won just three of their past 10 games and could be looking to bounce back from the loss of captain Jamie Benn to a broken collarbone in the first period.

The team could be coming off a win, but also could be in need of a few more victories.

Chicago BlackhawksThe Blackhawks have been one of their biggest disappointments this season, and this is their chance to get the postseason back on track.

They’ll be playing against a talented team, and if they can keep their defensive discipline and get back into the playoff race, they could be able to make up some ground.

The Blackhawks are expected with the third seed in the Central Division.

Detroit Red WingsThe Red Wings will be the team that is expected to make their second straight trip to Madison Square Garden.

The Wings are expected in the third round of a playoff race that has been dominated by the Blackhawks, but could still have some trouble with the Bruins, Flyers, and Penguins.

Nashville PredatorsThe Predators have not won a playoff game since 2008 and are expected as one of a handful of teams that will be trying to get their playoff hopes back on a winning streak.

The Preds have a very good goaltending group and should be able get it done.

The Predators will be looking for their first trip to MSG since 2010, but should have a chance to play in their first playoff game at Madison Square Gardens.

Ottawa SenatorsThe Senators are one the most disappointing teams in the NHL and are in the final year of their current contract.

They will be hoping to have some success against the Boston Bruins, who are not going to be easy to beat.

But they also will be a team that will need to get some wins in order to get to the second seed in their division.

St. Louis BluesThe Blues have had a terrible start to the season, but their goaltending has been one the teams to make some progress this year.

They should have some good goaltenders on the roster, and should get some goals from Alex Steen, who is coming off his first NHL goal.

New Orleans CanadiensThe Canadiens are one game out of first place in the Atlantic Division, but there is still plenty of hockey left to play.

They may not have the same talent as their rivals in New Jersey, but it will be hard for the Habs to fall out of that top spot, especially if they win a game or two.

The Canadiens will be facing a very talented group of teams on Saturday, and could very well get a few wins.

Ottawa CapitalsThe Capitals will be making their second trip to NHL arenas since 2013, and have been a bit of a surprise for a lot.

They play in front of the same crowd that will have their attention on Saturday and are looking to make a run for the playoffs again.

Washington is expected with one of four seeds in the East.

Tampa Bay LightningThe Lightning have been struggling to get into the playoffs this season and are hoping that they can get some help from a team who they have never faced in the postseason before.

Tampa has struggled to score goals in recent years, but the Lightning could be hoping that their scoring attack will help them get back in