Japan’s ‘soul-warming’ forests can grow up to 500 feet tall, study finds

Japanese forests can be as tall as 500 feet and can grow as much as 500 years, according to a new study.

The Japanese Forest Research Institute said the forests can withstand climate change and that they can be a major source of carbon emissions, including greenhouse gases.

“We know that Japanese forests have been undergoing dramatic changes over the past century,” said Takashi Sato, director of the institute.

“And that’s why the forests have the potential to hold on to carbon emissions and even contribute to the global warming we need to reduce.”

Japanese forests are among the world’s most carbon intensive.

They hold more than 70 percent of the worlds carbon dioxide emissions, according the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The forests can support more than 4 million people, according Sato.

They provide a good source of water, which has been a major concern.

They are also home to a variety of species, including koalas, jaguars, lynx and bears.

In the past, Japanese forests were mostly a buffer between people and nature.

They were used for firewood, for irrigation, as habitat for birds and even as tourist destinations.

“Japanese forests were developed by humans as a way of coping with the natural changes that had taken place in the landscape,” Sato said.

“They are one of the few places in the world where humans can still have access to nature as a refuge.”

The forests are growing quickly.

They now cover about 1,000 square miles (3,400 square kilometers), Sato and his colleagues said.

The forest is being built up through a process called the “ecosystem-scale” or ECS process.

In this process, trees are cut down, their seeds planted and their leaves cut.

The trees are harvested and their carbon content is measured, along with carbon storage, the researchers said.

They said the trees are more efficient than trees grown in a conventional way and can store about 1.5 million tons (3.8 million metric tons) of carbon each year.

The researchers noted that the forests are being developed for economic development, but they also noted that it will take a while before the forests become the primary source of emissions.

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