Subaru Forester, Midnight Forest Gateau Set for First Retail Release in Japan

Subaru, the Japanese automaker that sells the Forester and the Subaru Outback, is expected to debut a new, $50,000-plus model for the Japanese market on June 9th, which it’s calling the Foreza X. Subaru will debut the car in Japan on June 10th, it said.

The Japanese model is expected in the mid-range segment of the market.

Subaru says the Forezad is an all-new model, but that it will remain compatible with the Foresters.

Subaru has been promoting its brand as being affordable and reliable. 

 The ForezaX is the car that will start selling in Japan this summer, the company said, and will be available in two models: the Forezone, which comes in two colors, and the Forezza, which has an interior.

It will be priced at about $35,000. 

The car will debut in Japan in June 10, the first time it will be offered in the country, Subaru said.

Subaru said that the car will be sold exclusively through the Japanese e-commerce platform Subaru, and in Japan’s main cities. 

Subaru also plans to introduce its first model in Japan, a sports coupe called the Foreo X.  Subaru said on its website that the Foreon X is a sporty SUV, which will start in Japan from April.

Subaru is also expected to introduce the Foreland, which is a hybrid sedan, in Japan next year. 

There is a third model to come from Subaru: the Subaru Crosstrek, a luxury crossover that is said to debut in 2017. 

For the Forerunner and Forester fans, this is a major change from Subaru’s past model lineups, which have mostly been based on the same basic platform.

The Subaru Legacy has always been the Forerunners first and most affordable option, and has always had a price tag of about $25,000, but this time Subaru is bringing it in at a more affordable $20,000 level. 

Like all Japanese automakers, Subaru has had an aggressive push into electric vehicles in recent years.

It plans to launch its new electric vehicle, the Subaru Energi, in 2019. 

It also has a new entry into the Subaru brand called the Crosstreak and a hatchback called the XV Crosstreker. 

A lot of the Forests recent history comes from Subaru.

It’s the first company to introduce a crossover crossover that can be driven both on-road and in the city. 

I was at the launch of the X Crosstreks first model, the XV and was very impressed with the handling, the looks, the quality of the interior, and so on.

And that’s a great thing. 

When I look at the XV’s interior, it’s not just like an SUV, but it’s actually very similar to the X, except the X is more affordable and it has a bigger trunk.

The XV Crosstrek looks very different from the X. It has a very modern, contemporary, sporty feel.

Its more than a bit larger than the XVX.

It also has an extended rear seat, which makes it even more practical.

The XV Crosstar has a big hatchback with a lot more cargo space, which means you don’t have to worry about your vehicle being too big when you want to get out of it. 

If you have a car that is just right for you, and you’re in a city or want to have a bit of extra space, the Crosstreeks might be the way to go.

It offers great handling and can handle a lot of stuff.

But for some people, they like the extra space.

They like that you don and have a little more space for that car.

So if you have that, then I think you might like the XVs. 

This is a very different kind of SUV.

It doesn’t have the super-sporty styling of a lot a Japanese brand, but Subaru did.

It took the XV model and made it very sporty, very stylish, and it also had a lot less cargo space.

It was a very good car for a lot people.

Subaru does a lot to emphasize that it’s affordable, and they’re going to be bringing the XV to the U.S. market.

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