Why the Southern California forest is so beautiful

I think the beauty of the forest is in the beauty we can’t see.

We have no idea where it is, but there is something so unique about this region that makes it a great place to live, work and play.

It’s no secret that Los Angeles County is a diverse and dynamic place.

There are nearly 1,000 counties, but many of them are separated by narrow mountainsides, hills and valleys.

Many of the largest communities are within walking distance.

The county of Orange is in southern California, the city of Burbank is in northern California, and the cities of Santa Monica, Malibu and Venice are in central California.

And there are plenty of places for everyone to visit, whether it’s the parks, hiking trails, hiking or biking.

It may seem like a small area but the Southern San Gabriel Mountains are home to a lot of wildlife.

There is the Santa Ana River, the Pacific Ocean and the Blue Mountains.

Some of the most famous mountain lions and wolves are found here.

And the forests in the region are also home to some of the country’s most endangered species, including California condors, wolves and grizzlies.

But, the biggest threat to the forests is the fire that has ravaged much of the region.

The fire has destroyed many historic structures and forced thousands of residents to leave their homes, leaving them homeless.

Many of the trees and vegetation that provide a backdrop to the mountains are now falling.

Many have been damaged by the fire, and in some cases, they have begun to rot.

The Santa Ana Fire has destroyed hundreds of historic structures in the Santa Barbara Mountains, which are located near the southern edge of Southern California.

The Santa Barbara National Forest, which includes the Santa Maria National Forest and the Santa Catalina Mountains, has lost thousands of acres of forest to fire, making it one of the driest areas in the United States.

Some of the more than 500 structures destroyed in the fire have been destroyed in a single fire season, so many have gone up in smoke.

And more than a dozen structures were destroyed in one blaze in a matter of weeks.

The damage caused by the Santa Anita Fire is significant.

The entire region is a large fire risk.

So many structures and other wildlife are endangered and destroyed, and millions of acres have been lost.

We have a responsibility to the environment and to our citizens to take care of the land.

And to the extent we can do that, we are better stewards.

But we also have a moral responsibility to do something about it.

So we have taken a lot more time to understand what’s happened in the Southern Californian forests and what we can and can’t do to protect the ecosystems.

That is why I am asking the U.S. Forest Service to conduct a detailed assessment of the damage to the Southern Santa Barbara forests and assess the effects on the forests.

The agency has the authority to make a recommendation to Congress.

I believe that we should take action to protect all the natural resources of the Southern and Northern California.

But the only way we can protect these lands is if we are doing everything possible to minimize the damage and make sure we are keeping our communities and our landscapes safe.

I have asked the Forest Service and the National Park Service to make sure that we have a plan to protect our environment and our people.

And I am going to ask the federal government to step up and provide the funding needed to take those actions.

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