Santa’s enchanted forests: Inside Santa’s magical forests

A year ago, it was a dark, windy day, and Santa’s elves were busy in Santa’s Forest near me.

But I didn’t see any of them.

Instead, the elf in question was the adorable and kind-hearted Santa’s elf in the video below.

I wasn’t sure I could believe that Santa’s own elves were actually human beings at all.

But then I thought about it, and it clicked.

After all, the elves are the ones that take care of Santa and keep him fed, clothed and warm, and they are the one who get him gifts and presents from the elves at Christmas.

I was just not sure they were human.

I started thinking about it.

“Santa’s elves,” I thought, “are humans.”

And I thought: Maybe, if Santa’s are really human, there are human-like elves out there somewhere.

So I started searching for human-sized elves on the internet.

What I found surprised me.

There are human elves in the woods around Santa’s Castle, and many of them live in the forest near my house.

I called the Santa’s Village at the Santa Claus National Historic Site in Ohio, located in the mountains of central Ohio, to get some more information about the human-size elves.

“We have two human-type elf residents,” explained John Toth, a forest supervisor with the Santa-Ville.

Toth is the only forest supervisor in Santa-City, Ohio, and he lives with his wife and two young children in the Santa Ville, which is surrounded by lush green grassland.

“They are a little bit larger than we are and we are in the middle of the forest.

But they do live in Santa Vile and do all the things we do.

So it’s pretty natural to us,” Toth said.

“The human-shaped elves come and go.”

Toth and I have met Santa Claus and the elves several times and they have often gotten into all sorts of mischief together.

When I was a kid, I would often play with my cousins when we went to the Santa Village, Toth explained.

When we were younger, Tuthos and I would sometimes hang out in the same room with the elf Santa Claus, TOTH said.

Then I began noticing some unusual things about them when I saw them in the field.

One day, when Toth was looking through a camera, I noticed a young girl wearing a white dress, and she was walking behind Toth as he took photos.

The girl was so cute, Tith said, that he couldn’t help but stare at her.

The photo he took of her made me feel like I had a heart attack, Tyth said.

I thought of that photo when I was talking to Toth about the elves and human-based animal interactions, he said.

So he and I decided to start an internet search for human elves, Tarth said.

We wanted to find out how humans and other animals interact with other animals and how we could learn more about how they live and think.

We also wanted to know if we could have a conversation with the elves, and if we would be able to communicate with them.

When Toth first started doing his research, he came across many stories from people who knew elves who had experienced various forms of animal interaction.

“It was really fascinating, to me, because I had never heard about this,” Tuth said.

Tuth thought it was possible that the humans who live with Santa’s Elves could have been animals like cats, dogs or rabbits, and we should study these animals and learn more.

In the past, we have never really looked into the lives of animals, Tath said.

He wanted to make sure that there was a lot of information available, and that there were studies that could shed light on how humans interact with animals.

He found the Santa Island Animal Care Center, which runs Santa’s Elf Park and a few other activities.

TOTH says that he first heard about Santa’s forest when a colleague of his asked him about it in person.

The Santa Island Park is the most visited Santa Island park and a natural playground, TITH said.

The park includes several large trees that are surrounded by a big forest, and the animals are all free to roam and play.

TITH also took a tour of the Santa Elf Village and discovered that the elves do live there and that they do have a lot to offer to visitors.

In fact, Toths wife and kids often visit the elves in Santa Village when they are on vacation or in Santa City.

But TOTH is also aware that there are other ways humans interact.

He said that some people do have “naturalistic” or “humanistic” tendencies, but he does not want people to get too comfortable with these human-animal interactions.

“I have seen people who are very well-intentioned and have a great sense of humor

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