Why the Pikes National Forest is in the news

The Pikes national forest is in headlines again, this time for the use of some of its most iconic trees.

The latest example comes as the national park is battling a drought, but the conservationists want the trees to be protected.

The Pikes is one of only a few national parks where the forest’s flora and fauna are being targeted by a disease called oak blight.

The trees are often the only signs of life on the park’s famous mountain ridges.

“It’s quite a unique situation.

You have to protect some of the most iconic plants and the only way to do that is to protect the trees,” said Dave Leach from the National Park Service.”

We have a unique environment and it’s an area that we’re trying to protect.”

The Pikers National Forest has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and it was recently named one of the world’s most biodiverse places.

The forest, which is about the size of the UK, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

It is home to the endangered eastern forest owl, the eastern mountain lynx and the eastern spotted owl, among other species.

The western spotted owl is the only owl species in the world to have its entire body covered in the same black, grey and white colour scheme.

There are more than 1,000 species of plants and trees in the Pike National Forest.

“The forest is so diverse in terms of plants that it’s almost impossible to list them all, but we do know that the species we are trying to conserve are all at risk of extinction,” said Steve Withers from the Forestry Commission.

“In the past we’ve had trees that were being cut down and the forest was just sitting there in the middle of nowhere.

This is the first time we’ve been able to identify what the tree was going to do with its life.”

It is a rare sight in the US, but that is changing.

In the past 20 years, there has been a dramatic decline in the number of oak blight trees, and they are being found in more and more locations.

The forests health is now in the balance.

The Forestry Commission is now looking at what the species would be doing with their lives if they had to live in the forest.

The Forest Service is currently working on a plan to preserve as much of the forest as possible.

“If we are successful in doing this, then the rest of the western spotted owls, the pine marten, the western pronghorn, the pronghorns will be able to recover, and we’ll have a very healthy and thriving forest in a very short time,” said Mr Wither, who hopes to be able take the forests plan forward with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and other agencies.


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